Author: Marc Dingman

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The human brain is an impossibly complex and delicate instrument - capable of extraordinary calculations, abundant creativity and linguistic dexterity. But the brain is not just the most brilliant of evolutionary wonders. It's also one of the most bizarre.This book shows a whole other side of how brains work - from the patient who is afraid to take a shower because she fears her body will slip down the drain to a man who is convinced he is a cat and a woman who compulsively snacks on cigarette ashes.As fascinating as they are, the cases discussed in this book are more than just oddities. In attempting to understand them, neuroscientists have uncovered important details about how the brain works. You'll be intrigued and amazed by some of the weird things your brain does on a daily basis, seemingly without your awareness or consent, and maybe you'll even gain an increased appreciation for the stability of the reality you experience. This book is ideal both for readers seeking a better appreciation of the inner workings of the brain and those who simply want some extraordinary topics for dinner-party conversation.