Author: Oleg Bortman

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

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Discover heartfelt, honest, and relatable tales that will help you turn your past into a future of happiness, success, and wealth.
Are you tired of hearing about billionaires who “work hard” using generational wealth that was handed to them on a silver platter?

Do you want to connect with genuine people from humble beginnings who prove that your start in life doesn’t determine your success?

Are you looking for your sign to help you figure out what your next steps are, and how you can ensure that you succeed?

Then keep reading…

Imagine you’ve won the Golden Ticket. You’ve spent weeks lining up outside the store to be the first customer in. You’ve invested each day in a new bar, hoping that this one will be your lucky break.

And there it is, finally in your hands. You’ve unwrapped that chocolate bar and the glistening color of reward is shining back at you. It’s a pretty good feeling. As though your troubles have melted away and you can relax knowing that you have made it.

Now imagine that you’ve won 12 tickets. 12 invaluable tickets that will help you carve out your path and make your mark upon this world in any way of your choosing.

This book can give you just that. Discover 12 real-life stories from inspirational people who made their way in the world to achieve that sense of peace through success.

Use their ‘Golden-ticket’ advice to mentor and guide you as you navigate a difficult global climate that seems almost impossible to leave a lasting impression on.

Understand just what it takes to really be the best, and unwrap tips to help you outshine the competition and finally achieve that all-illusive American Dream.