Author: Rebecca Hartt

Category: Christian Fiction

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Immerse yourself in a world of wholesome, clean romance and gripping suspense with the first three heart-stirring novels by Rebecca Hartt. This collection is a captivating journey of freedom, love, and redemption, featuring the courageous Navy SEALs of the Acts of Valor series.Exclusive Bonus Novella – Lord of the DanceIncluded in this box set is an exclusive bonus novella, "Lord of the Dance." Join Nina Aydin, a woman sworn to never remarry, as she desperately longs for a baby. Caught in her gaze is Santiago Rivera, the mesmerizing Master Chief of SEAL Team 6. Santiago yearns to have Nina in his life, but his faith insists on love and marriage before starting a family. As he receives a clear message from God to follow the traditional path, he risks losing Nina forever. Will they find a way to bridge the gap between their desires and the will of God?Book 1 – Returning to EdenMeet Navy SEAL Jonah Mills, a man diagnosed with PTSD and amnesia. He has no memory of his fractured marriage to Eden or her fourteen-year-old daughter, yet he feels an undeniable connection to both. Unfit for active duty, Jonah embarks on a journey of healing, relying on God to mend his mind, body, and family. As the secrets of the past unravel, can Jonah find redemption and rebuild what was lost?Book 2 – Every Secret ThingJoin Navy SEAL Lt. Lucas Strong fights to prove the innocence of his platoon leader, Lt. Mills. With the belief that Charlotte Patterson, a gutsy NCIS intern, holds vital information, Lucas is determined to find her and bring her to safety. Charlotte, rescued by her real-life hero, is more than willing to help Lt. Mills. However, her memory is fading fast, and Lucas's unyielding faith that God has a master plan puts them both in peril. As their connection deepens, Charlotte's only prayer is that Lucas's unwavering trust is justified.Book 3 – Cry in the WildernessWitness the remarkable journey of legendary Navy SEAL Saul Wade. Returning to his childhood ranch in Oklahoma, Saul must confront his tragic past. But when he crosses paths with Rachel LeMere, a woman he barely knows, and her son, he finds himself entangled in a dangerous mission. Bound by honor, Saul risks his entire career to help them escape to a new life. In the process, he discovers the power of forgiveness, healing, and the true meaning of love, guided by God's grace. Will Saul find a renewed sense of purpose and a reason to embrace life again?Rebecca Hartt's skillful storytelling will transport you into a world where love and adventure intertwine with a higher calling. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on an unforgettable journey with the brave men and women who face life's trials with unwavering faith. Get your copy of the Acts of Valor Box Set today and be captivated by these powerful tales of love and redemption.The Acts of Valor SeriesReturning to EdenEvery Secret ThingCry in the WildernessRising From AshesBraving the ValleyAll Things TogetherRebecca Hartt is the nom de plume for an award-winning, best-selling author of a different name who, compelled by her faith, decided to spin suspenseful military romance where God plays a vital role in character motivation and plot.As a child, Rebecca lived in countries all over the world. She has been a military dependent for most of her life and knows first-hand the dedication and sacrifice required by those who serve.Living near the military community of Virginia Beach, Rebecca is constantly reminded of the peril and uncertainty faced by U.S. Navy SEALs, many of whom testify to a personal and profound connection with their Creator.Their loved ones, too, rely on God for strength and comfort. These men of courage and women of faith are the subjects of Rebecca Hartt’s enthusiastically received Acts of Valor romantic suspense series.