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SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY WITH A SMIDGEN OF HOMICIDEUSA Today Bestselling author Tonya Kappes brings you southern and quirky characters in her mystery series. Her stories are charged with humor, friendship, family and life in small southern towns.Welcome to Normal, Kentucky where NOTHING is normal.Discover why so many fans love the A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mysteries with over 3,000 four and five star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!BONUS: BOOK. CLUB DISCUSSION QUESTIONS, RECIPES AND CAMPING HACKS INCLUDED!-----------------------------------CONTENTS:Book 1: CHRISTMAS, CRIMINALS, & CAMPERSBook 2: MOTORHOMES, MAPS, & MURDERBook 3: CANYONS, CARAVANS, & CADAVERS-----------------------------------Book 1: CHRISTMAS, CRIMINALS, & CAMPERSWhen Nadine White is found dead in the Normal Library, Abby Fawn is Detective Hank Sharp's number one suspect.It's time for Mae West to put up her camping gear for the winter months and put on her sleuthing gear to figure out who is framing Abby Fawn before Abby is the ending in Nadine White's final chapter.Book 2: MOTORHOMES, MAPS, & MURDERMae just might find out that tapping into her namesake just might come in handy when coming face to face with a serial killer.Book 3: CANYONS, CARAVANS, & CADAVERSMae just can't help but itch her curious side when high school archery coach ends up as a number one suspect after a member of the community is found with an arrow right through their heart. Mae has to be careful or she just might find an arrow with her name written on it.WHAT READERS ARE SAYING:????? Chris Mayer"I love the familiarity of Tonya's books. I can put a name and a face of someone I know to every one of her characters. They are all people we know. Also, being a Kentuckian, I can relate to, not just the people, but the places, the sayings, the way of life. Also I love her humor. We MUST have humor."?????Teri Lenz"I have been a loyal Tonya Kappes reader from the start. Her books are easy to get into and to become a part of. With each series, it is fun to watch plots twist and characters interact in so many ways. They are multidimensional, giving Tonya's books that extra quality I respect."????? Toni Raimondi Nyman"I love all of Tonya Kappes's books. They are "happy reads". I know I can sit down and feel good. The stories flow and the characters are - well characters! I do have a slight problem keeping up, but then it's time for a binge read. With all that is going on right now it's good to have her books to count on."????? Allyson Abu-Hajar"I enjoy the humor in a Tonya Kappes book, and also with a series, I'm acquainted with the characters. I grew up in a small town, so the setting of a small town brings warm feelings."????? Christine McGee Sobczak"Love the way a Tonya Kappes cozy mystery takes me away from my everyday life. My first book was a Charming crime. I fell in love with this series first then devoured everything Tonya wrote after that. I love the warm and heartfelt feelings I get from her books. Each series in a different way."????? Tari Hann"I love Tonya Kappes's writing style. The characters become like old friends after only one book and I really care what happens to them."