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Herbs have been widely used, throughout the generations, for a wide variety of health problems. Our ancestors may not have had our modern medical know how, but they still had health problems and they had to make some efforts to cure them. With the advent of modern pharmaceutical based medicine, there was a drop off in usage of natural herbal remedies. This drop off can be traced back to two factors; firstly the powerful effects of modern pharmaceuticals and secondly because of the corporate marketing, which backed this new pharmaceutical medical model.Pharmaceuticals have certainly been effective, but drugs do not cure everything. Even if you are a strong proponent of the pharmaceutical model, it must be admitted that many people still suffer, even though there are so many drugs on the market today. Another issue, with modern medicine is its fixation with treating symptoms rather than actually figuring out what is wrong with the patient. Why is modern healthcare focused on treating symptoms, with little interest in finding the cause? Because modern medicine focuses so much on symptoms, it results in people who have several health problems receiving a barrage of medications, from doctors of different specialities!

This is not to say that modern medicine is bad, but rather that the “baby has been thrown out along with the bathwater”. And yet in the background almost completely forgotten, by modern medicine, is a relic of a bygone age, an old system of medicine based upon rebalancing the health of the individual and using a variety of herbs and complimentary therapies, to bring about this balance. At last after nearly a century of pharmaceutical domination, individual health care workers, from all over the world are starting to rediscover the value of these ancient treatment systems.

So why not use both old and new to treat our health problems!