Author: James Kipling

Category: Mysteries

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While Raj recovers from the gunshot wound he sustained during his visit to the slums, Priya is sent away to live in America with Raj’s half-sister Siya, apparently safe from the roving eyes of Chaudhry and his merciless killer Sultan. With Priya and Siya now safe at an undisclosed location, Krish and the others intensify their fight against Chaudhry and the other corrupt forces. Raj’s half-brother Kavi is also a useful ally against Chaudhry. Chaudhry, however, is relentless in his pursuit of Raj and during a meeting with his cold-blooded foot soldier Sultan, plans the kidnap of Priya. They discover that Priya is likely being harbored by one of five relatives of Krish. Chaudhry, certain he understands Krish, sends Sultan to find Priya and kidnap her to use as bait and to satisfy Chaudhry’s craving to mold Raj into another one of his thugs. If he kills everyone Raj loves, Chaudhry believes that Raj will soon bend to his ways and turn to the dark side. Amidst the planning to bring down Chaudhry and to stop Tapan Butala from taking over the slums, Raj succeeds in winning back the trust of the people in the slums, thus helping Krish’s position to win the upcoming elections. In an effort to capture both Sultan and Chaudhry, Krish uses Raj as bait. Raj waits outside the house to lure Sultan in and Sultan shoots him with a tranquilizer gun before taking him away. Kavi hates the plan but has no choice but to go along with it. With everything poised on a knife edge anything can go wrong and it seems that Chaudhry isn’t finished yet. With Raj in his possession he catches up with Priya in her safe house in America and captures her. Siya and her husband are there too and with orders to kill all but Priya, it looks like Krish and the others are set to experience even more loss because of Chaudhry. Will Chaudhry and his men succeed or will Raj emerge victorious?‘Mystery: Deception – Suspense Thriller Mystery’ is the second book in the ‘Power Play’ Trilogy by author James Kipling.