Author: Mark Creed

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Do you want to become a perfect parent and raise good listener and emotionally stable child? You need these simple strategies!

Before you had kids, you were probably quite sure that you’d be an Instagram-worthy parent. Your quality time with your kids would be spent reading, telling stories, playing fun games, and cuddling under cozy blankets. Everyone would be nice to each other and you would never raise your voice.

And then you had kids.

Yes, parenting has its magic moments, but there’s also a dark side to it. There are games and bonding and adorable moments, but also tantrums, yelling at each other, and desperate attempts to keep everyone safe.

You try to create at least some kind of daily routine. You try to enforce at least a few rules. You try your best, but the kids just won’t listen.

Guess what.... If the kids won’t listen, it’s not their fault – they love you and really want to do their best! Maybe they’re stressed, confused, or just unsure how to react to you.

So the solution is to talk to them differently (spoiler: Differently does not mean louder) and to teach them stress relief techniques early on. That’s it.

And this book will show you how.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to build trust with active listening strategiesHow to set sensible limits and discipline your kids without hurting their feelingsHow to help your kids manage their stress like little mindfulness gurusHow to cultivate leadership skills and independent thinkingAnd much more!

This is not a theoretical psychology book full of confusing concepts and lacking in actionable tips. On the contrary, this book is practical, concise and easy to follow.

Once you start applying the strategies presented in this book, you’ll see your family life improve dramatically. There will be less shouting and crying, less chaos, and much more trust and respect.