The Secret Library by J. C. Gilbert

Author: J. C. Gilbert

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Book One: A New Keeper

A bookish girl. A secret library. A thousand portals to a thousand worlds. One choice: face fear, or let it dominate.

For Alex Reed, the world is an awkward place and books are her only escape. But when she is selected by a mysterious library to be its new Keeper she discovers that some books are not for the faint-hearted.

Now Alex must balance her new adventures through the pages with the incomparable obstacles of being an anxiety-riddled teenager. All this might be completely doable, if only Hank would do as he was told.

Book Two: Call of Kuyr

The multiverse is changing... What would you do if worlds depended on you?

Sometimes you see a book, hear it call, pick it up, open it up, and read. Sometimes there is menace inside.

Alex, Lilly, and Hank are back and are journeying once more into the worlds within the pages. But when the gods walk the earth, and reality is on a knife's edge, what can one human do to stop a world from tearing apart?

Now Alex must summon all the power she can muster or it won't just mean the end for her, it could mean the end of everything...

Book Three: The Spaces Between.

Have you ever wondered what stories are told in the spaces between the books?

There is a new power rising somewhere in distant pages, and it will stop at nothing to seize control over all that there is.

Darcy has returned from his mysterious journey but can his story be trusted?

Alex, Lilly, and Hank return for another adventure into the pages. But when stories collide and the darkness grows cunning what can one person do to end the march of a faceless enemy?

Step once more into the greatest library that ever there was and help restore balance back to the multiverse.