The End of Everything by Christopher Artinian

Author: Christopher Artinian

Category: Horror

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"Explosive... A riveting post-apocalyptic zombie series." - Kyla Stone (Author of Edge of Collapse series)

"Fantastic zombie read!" - L. Liberty (Vine Voice)

"It's a long time since I have read a compelling series such as this." - Claire Mulderrig (Author of Four Women of the Apocalypse)

Book 1

Two sisters, one nightmare.

The last thing they wanted to do was spend time with each other. Now their very survival depends on it.

Forced from their home and thrown into an apocalyptic horror neither could have imagined, they didn’t think things could get any worse. They were wrong.

As they navigate the city to escape to safety, terror lurks for them on every corner. The reanimating virus has taken away everything they loved, but today, they’re going to start fighting back.

Living or dead, everyone is a threat. The rules have changed and for these two, time is running out. What will they do to survive? What will they do for each other? Is being family reason enough to stay together? Now, they’re about to find out.

Book 2

For sisters Robyn and Wren, nothing will ever be the same.

The cities are burning, the world is in chaos. The dead are rising...and they're hungry. Safety? Security? These words are meaningless now. They fight, they hide, they run. No rest. No respite.

All they can cling to is hope. Hope they can find others. Hope they can learn the skills needed to survive. Hope they can stay together.

Their situation seems desperate, and the only thing they can depend on is each other.

But is that enough?

Book 3
Before the worst day of their lives, wild horses could not pull them together. Now, nothing can tear them apart...or so they thought.

A chance meeting, a bad decision, a stormy night; and the fuse is lit to their most explosive 24 hours yet.

When the dead roam the streets; when enemies prowl in the shadows, and when strangers are not all they seem, the only people Wren and Robyn can rely on are each other.

They have fought through hell together, but now, for one of these sisters, today could be the end of everything.