Author: Di Jones

Category: Action & Adventure

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Since being kidnapped, locked up and nearly murdered by the ex-boss she exposed on national TV for testing his all-natural cosmetics line on animals, aspiring actress Tessa's life has been in turmoil. Her boyfriend Ryan asks her to leave LA and travel to San Francisco with him, and she accepts. But she doesn't realize the power of her newfound celebrity, and offers of work in LA start pouring in. She's committed to staying with Ryan...or is she?Tessa gets an acting offer that's too good to refuse, putting a huge strain on their relationship. How does she handle this dilemma? And will her new role lead her straight back into the path of people she wanted to avoid at all costs? Meanwhile, her animal rights activist buddy Alex is looking for love...with Tessa's nemesis, the woman who dated her ex boss. Can Alex win the heart of a woman hardened by greed, or is he doomed to failure? The sixth book in the LA Lights series is a fast paced, action packed adventure with an intertwined story of romance, tenderness, and hope. It will appeal to those who love fabulous friendships, delightful dogs, hot heroes, and a happily ever after.