Author: Adam Wright

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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Meet Alec Harbinger, Preternatural Investigator

I’m the guy you come to when your spouse gets bitten by a werewolf, or your boyfriend is kidnapped by a demon. I’m the guy who knows what to do when an evil sorcerer casts a curse on you.At least, I was that guy until the Society of Shadows sent me to a sleepy town in Maine that had a rating of zero on the supernatural occurrences scale. I planned to spend my days sitting in the office and drinking coffee made by my new assistant Felicity.But when a woman hires me to find out if her son has been possessed by a demon at a rich kids’ party, and a young man comes to the office insisting he’s been bitten by a werewolf, the supernatural occurrences scale jumps from zero to hero.And did I mention that someone in the Society wants me dead?Time to sharpen the swords and go to work…If you like Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Ilona Andrews, Shannon Mayer, K.F. Breene, or Shayne Silvers, you'll love the Harbinger PI series!More than 100,000 readers have downloaded the Harbinger PI series.Scroll up, get Lost Soul now and get swept away into the Harbinger universe...