I Want to Kiss You in Public by Zelda French

Author: Zelda French

Category: LGBT

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Meet Louis, the straightest student to ever fall in love with the new boy at school.
If you ask me, I’m a rock star.Just the right amount of awesome, cute, and only slightly delusional. I attend the best high school, in Paris no less, I’ve got the coolest best friend, the fiercest girlfriend, and more importantly, I’m absolutely, a hundred percent straight.So no, Michael, the new British student, with his dark curls and sweet smiles, doesn’t interest me whatsoever.I’m too busy anyway. I don’t have the time, or the need, to think about him at all. Not his hair, his British accent, or the way he makes me feel at times, when I’m alone and everything morphs into his handsome face…Did I mention everything’s perfectly fine?This is not the year I’m going to lose control, and possibly everything that matters to me, just because of one disorienting, unnerving, life-shattering English guy.

In this coming-of-age love story, Louis, a snarky student at an International High School in Paris will struggle to admit the truth to himself and his loved ones as he wrestles with his sexuality.Will he find the courage to accept who is he before it's too late?

I Want To Kiss You In Public is a story about love, friendship, truth and heartbreak, packed with funny dialogue, and comes with its own Spotify Rock Playlist. It contains soft drugs and alcohol consumption as well as cursing.This book was previously published with another cover. This new edition has been proofread by a professional. Read more