Author: Lise McClendon

Category: Romantic Suspense

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* An Enchanting Series!

Such a delightful read. Fell in love with the characters, especially Merle and Pascal! Ms. McClendon has the exceptional ability to perform the magic of transporting this reader, and I'm sure others, to a place both familiar and foreign, but known deep down in one's psyche.

I'm so very glad to have discovered the magic.


 Winsome and a bit addictive  Had no idea what to expect when began this first series but became quite caught up in it all. The characters and mystery, the enchanting descriptions and personal struggles drew me into feeling as if these people are my friends.


* Excellent author and story teller

--Found her stories hard to put down. They were so human, suspenseful and darn good. The sisters become your sisters and their experience become yours. The authors description of person places and circumstances are so real you feel them.

A great author.


 Delightful Sisters and Adventures --This is one of the most delightful series I have ever read... filled with adventure and excitement. Romance, joy of living and dead bodies accompany their adventures! You will be amused and mesmerized by this delightful series!


Highly recommended


 One of the best of the 50 or so books I've read

during the pandemic stay at home. When Merle Bennett's husband suddenly dies, she is left adrift to deal with parenting their son, dealing with a mess of finances, and some of his sordid secrets. She decides to chuck it all for the moment and go to France, where he's left her a rundown cottage in the Dordogne.  Once Merle gets there, she finds...well, France! An unexpected romance! Mystery galore! Murder! And not just murder, but the unnerving experience of being a suspect. Once her passport is confiscated, what can she do but stay and restore her ancient battered house? While enjoying the tender attention of the unusually well-educated, handsome and...yes, quite mysterious roofer she's hired.

Particularly recommended for those who love France

, whether you visit in reality or virtually, enjoying a glass of wine, this journey of self-discovery, and the power of sisterhood. Mystery lovers, chick lit fans, and cozy fanatics will all find it

très chouette

— more prosaically, simply awesome. Not to mention