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If ??u’r? r??ding thi?, you’re ?r?b?bl? ?truggling with ?r??r??tin?ti?n in ??m? f?rm. Wh?th?r ??ur ?r??r??tin?ti?n i? a minor i??u? that’s ?im?l? hurting your productivity, or a major i??u? th?t’? ?r?v?nting ??u fr?m ??hi?ving your goals, you’ve ?r?b?bl? tri?d to ?v?r??m? ??ur ?r??r??tin?ti?n on your ?wn b?f?r?, ?nd ??w th?t thi? can b? diffi?ult to do. Do not worry because everybody does, at least once in a while. But if setting aside work for something insignificant becomes a habit, then that could lead to more problems and unproductivity.
This book i? meant t? b? a d?finitiv? source, that will help ??u solve ??ur procrastination ?r?bl?m once and for ?ll. It is based ?n d???d?? ?f ??i?ntifi? r????r?h on th? t??i?, and ??nt?in? a ???t?m?ti? approach that ??u ??n implement in ?rd?r to beat ??ur ?r??r??tin?ti?n, t?g?th?r with a ??m?r?h?n?iv? list ?f anti-procrastination techniques th?t you ??n u??. Th? b??k i? ?uit? ?xt?n?iv?, ?in?? procrastination i? a complex problem, that r??uir?? a thorough solution. H?w?v?r, it’s r?l?tiv?l? ???? t? skim thr?ugh, ?????i?ll? wh?n it comes t? the li?t ?f anti-procrastination techniques.
Thi? b??k ???n? with ?n intr?du?ti?n to procrastination, t?g?th?r with an ?x?l?n?ti?n ?f wh? w? ?r??r??tin?t?, ?? well ?? scientific evidence whi?h ?h?w? th?t ??u ??n l??rn h?w t? ?t?? ?r??r??tin?ting. Th?n, w? will ??? an ?utlin? ?f th? approach th?t will ?ll?w ??u t? b??t ??ur ?r??r??tin?ti?n, f?ll?w?d b? a list of th? ?nti-?r??r??tin?ti?n t??hni?u?? that you ??n u??, together with ti?? ?n how t? make this ?r????? ?? ?ff??tiv? ?? ????ibl?. While r??ding, keep thi? in mind: procrastination is a tough issue t? h?ndl?, but if ??u take th? n??????r? tim? to read thi? book and formulate a valid ?l?n of action, and if ??u then f?ll?w thr?ugh on thi? ?l?n, you will have ?n excellent ?h?n?? ?t ?v?r??ming ?r reducing ??ur procrastination.
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