Author: Mike Evans

Category: Horror & Paranormal

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When the flu struck it wasn't like any before it. It carried such force that no one could have been ready for it. The CDC had predicted it to be one of the worst. However, what we expected and what was delivered were completely opposite. Unfortunately, it was not the same for everyone. There were three types of people.The first had no disease and remained able to care for loved ones and the ill.The second had the flu and felt like hell but the majority would recover.The Third and the worst were fostering a zombie virus that was going to bring the nation to its knees.The dead outnumber the living and are never satisfied!Mike Evans puts himself, his family, and his neighbors through an apocalyptic hell that no one could have ever expected. Start this mile-a-minute series today to see who will see tomorrow! Those that survive will come to question if it was luck, or if is it just prolonging the inevitableBook info for 5 6 & 7The sac isn't shrinking but those alive are! New faces are introduced, old friends are trying their best to remain alive! Who will survive, who will perish? Find out in book 5 of Zombies on Other Block - Survival isn't for AllBloody Monday isn't just a title, it's a hauntingly accurate description. Book 6 continues the chaos, the mayhem, and the hell unleashed. Don't forget these dead never get satisfied, their rage knows no end. The lucky will see another day as the living, the less fortunate will roam the Earth full of hunger and rage. A zombie no one expected and no one was ready for.Close to home couldn't prove to be more accurate in this, the seventh installment of the action packed zombie apocalypse series, Zombies on The Block!No character is safe and everyone of the dead are starving for a taste of the living flesh. Continue the saga to see who lives and who will perish.