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Mindfulness is more than just a buzzword that has been shared on several blogs in the past decade or a trend that was put in action to sell a few products to people searching for a better life. Mindfulness is a way of life that has the capacity to transform your very existence and assist you with living your best life possible.The human mind already has the capacity to be mindful but, believe it or not, it does not tend to lean toward mindfulness on its own. Instead, your mind likes to make everything automatic so that it does not have to put the effort or energy into mindfully thinking about every new activity that you engage with. To your brain, this is a wonderful survival tool that helps minimize the amount of energy that it allocates to thinking so that you can do other things like digest your food or process information without too much difficulty.That being said, your brain takes it to the extreme.If you do not take the time to teach yourself how to engage mindfully in each task that you accomplish, the chances are your brain will continue to live on autopilot and you will continue to live an overwhelming and stressed out life until the end of your existence.Fortunately, taking over and teaching yourself how to become more mindful is not challenging. Beyond that, it has countless benefits that can help you live your best life possible. From helping you step away from the stress of everyday life to helping you get more out of your daily experiences, mindfulness will change your life in every way possible. It is well worth taking the time to understand what mindfulness is and how it works so that you can begin to live a less stressed and more enjoyable life overall.In You Are in a Wonderful World we are going to discuss just that. We will explore many different concepts about how you can live your best life possible through the power of mindfulness, including stepping away from stress and toward joy and satisfaction in your life.Some of the concepts that we will cover in this book include the following:How mindfulness supports personal growthHow to transform your thinking behaviors mindfullyHow to increase your self-esteem and self-confidenceWhy mindfulness and meditation are two different thingsHow you can use meditation to improve your mindfulnessHabits that you can change to help you live a better lifeHow you can mindfully declutter your lifeHow to become more mindful on your ownAnd more!The purpose of this book is to help you give your life a mindful edit while also learning how you can remain mindful for the rest of your life. If you are ready to modify your lifestyle and enjoy a life that is far more peaceful and purposeful than your wildest dreams, grab your copy of You are in a Wonderful World today, and begin changing your life right away!Buy the paper version and get the Kindle version for free!

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