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A thoroughly curated program for seniors with illustrations and step-by-step instructions!3 books in 1: Stretching, balancing and yoga: challenging, easy-to-follow 10-minute exercises to quickly regain your best fitness and maintain it over time. All step-by-step instructions.Do you want to feel physically stronger and more confident?Do you always wish to have energy and vitality throughout your day?If your answer is YES to any of these questions, look no further!

Advancing age can certainly make us more aware of what our bodies are capable of; however, it is our responsibility to keep them in the best possible shape. But how can we do it? Forget exhausting morning runs and long, tiring gym exercises- you don't need all that, did you know? You need just 10 minutes of exercise a day, and the great thing is that you can perform these exercises in the comfort of your home. These exercises go a long way toward helping your physique regain and maintain proper form in terms of strength, elasticity and balance. Your body demands your attention, and you can no longer afford not to listen to it!This collection includes three must-have books for you who want to regain your physical and mental fitness and keep yourself young:

Stretching Exercises For Seniors Balance Exercises For Seniors Chair Yoga For Seniors

Over 150 exercises designed especially for the over 60s, explained in detail and illustrated, which you can perform calmly and safely.After just a few weeks, you'll already see the first results, improve balance and flexibility, and build muscle strength that will make you feel like you're 40 again!By reading this book, you will learn, among other things:? The

7 mistakes

about working out that you should never make? The

7 myths

everyone (including you) has about physical training? The

7 incredible

long-term benefits you'll experience right away? The

scientific basis

that proves the effectiveness of consistent, well-done training? The essential


to get you started right away? What you need to know if you have

medical conditions

(arthritis, diabetes, etc.)

? 150 illustrated exercises

to build a strong, healthy body-and, all while staying in the comfort of your own home! Forget the traffic and inconvenience of going to and from a gym? All exercises are categorized by

level of difficulty

: easy, medium, challenging

?28-day workout plan

If you think these exercises are not for you, wait! None of the movements in this book requires great muscle force or mobility. You can perform these workouts

wherever you want

, even at home. Each pose can be developed slowly, smoothly and at

your own pace

. The exercises are also excellent for group activities.Here is what you will find in the three individual books:

BOOK 1: Stretching Exercises For Seniors

All the main exercises will safely help you improve flexibility and muscle strength. With consistent practice, you will soon see incredible results.An essential guide designed especially for people over 60. All the exercises have been carefully chosen to give you quick and lasting results.


Balance Exercises For Seniors

With this Book, you will easily get all the tips, tools and techniques that will help you avoid these dangerous incidents altogether.


Chair Yoga For Seniors

This book'll improve your balance and posture and dramatically sharpen your mental clarity to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety symptoms.So what are you waiting for? Don't let another minute go by. Protect yourself and give yourself the path to the healthier, more mindful life you deserve.

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