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Sci Fi stories have a unique place in the world of fiction. They contain all the imaginative elements that all fiction contains, and requires – but they have one element that none others have. And that one element elevates them, in some people’s minds, to a higher status of creativity – to the status of prediction, of prophecy, and of creative theoretical science itself. The best science fiction books do more than simply spin a yarn (although there are very many great story tellers in the sci fi book world) – they stretch, imaginatively, into scientific knowledge as it stands today and imagines where that knowledge may take us tomorrow. And then they make it human – and, therefore, ‘real’.

What will I find in a ‘Womens Fiction or Chic-Lit’ Book?

Women’s fiction is an umbrella term for women centered books that focus on women’s life experience that are marketed to female readers, and includes many mainstream novels or woman’s rights Books. It is distinct from Women’s writing, which refers to literature written by (rather than promoted to) women. There exists no comparable label in English for works of fiction that are marketed to males.

The Romance Writers of America organization defines women’s fiction as, “a commercial novel about a woman on the brink of life change and personal growth. Her journey details emotional reflection and action that transforms her and her relationships with others, and includes a hopeful/upbeat ending with regard to her romantic relationship.”
Source: Wikipedia > Women’s Fiction

Back in 1953, in what was still the early days of the Science Fiction genre, the great sci fi author Isaac Asimov defined it as “that branch of literature which is concerned with the impact of scientific advance upon human beings”. It is a branch of literature which has grown exponentially, hand-in-hand with the growth of human advances in science and technology and, by the 1970s its purpose, as evidenced in the new style of writing that had developed, had matured into one which wasn’t only concerned with science, but with consequences of scientific and technological advancement. Sci fi author Pamela Sargent then defined it as “the literature of ideas.”

But even that definition doesn’t go far enough. ‘Ideas’ and ‘consequences of ideas’ are now, almost too-limited a way of looking at what science fiction has become. Not only do authors project the advancement of science into the future and calculate the consequences – they assess, in advance, the moral consequences of these advances. They seek to pre-empt the kind of philosophical, moral and ethical issues that might ensue, and consider how to react. Or how our philosophical reasoning might also advance, along with technologies. As such, the best science fiction books are works of the philosophy of technology, and ethics. As new scientists, studying at university, have their work and theories swayed by the latest sci fi novel they read – so, philosophers may find themselves re-reading the self-same novels to obtain a head-start on the new frontiers of philosophy.

But not all science fiction is heavy with tech and theses on the human condition! There is something for everyone in this wide and deep genre of ideas. For pure action and adventure enthusiasts, thriller aficionados, and those wishing to, simply, be entertained – there are books and authors a plenty to go around. And you can start by looking in our list of books below…

Science Fiction Books - Dune by Frank Herbert

The Chic Lit classic Book: Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

Science Fiction Books - Enders Game by Orson Scott Card

Women’s Fiction Bestseller The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

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Helen Fielding talking about Bridget Jones after 20 years!

Interview on British television with Helen Fielding talking about Bridget Jones after 20 years! Interesting points about how Bridget might have been if she’d been using Social Media and how that has changed everyone’s life!

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In a Jam

Andie Carson has to do three things to inherit her grandmother’s lottery winnings—sober up, spend a month running her grandmother’s Georgia coffee shop, and enter homemade jam in the county fair. If she can’t meet those terms, the money...

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Barbarians at the PTA

Desperate Housewives Meets Mean Girls in this Heartfelt and Hilarious Debut Novel about a Mother-Daughter Duo Facing Cliques, Cyberbullying, and Snobs in a Wealthy NYC Suburb Victoria Bryant is starting over. After a rage-inducing scandal and the realization that...

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Best Friends Forever

With "high-octane levels of emotion" New York Times bestselling author brings us another scandal filled story of friendship and romance (USA Today). Things are falling apart in the Richardson household. Angry arguments between Celine and her husband, Keith,...

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Summer Hours

“Fantastic. Wistful, mysterious, sparkling with secrets. I raced through Summer Hours in a day!” —Meg Donohue, USA Today bestselling author “Summer Hours is a dreamy, nostalgic coming-of-age tale full of wisdom and heart. I love this...

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Rules for the Southern Rulebreaker

Southern women are inundated with rules starting early—from always wearing sensible shoes to never talking about death to the dying, and certainly not relying on song lyrics for marriage therapy. Nevertheless, Katherine Snow Smith keeps doing things like...

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Seaside Manor Bed & Breakfast

The heartwarming second installment in the Emerald Cove saga from a USA Today Bestselling Author. The Seaside Manor Bed & Breakfast has been an institution in Emerald Cove for as long as anyone can remember. But things are changing and Diana is nervous about what the...

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Hot Copy

“An intoxicating blend of wholesome sweetness and tear-off-your-clothes steam…Ruby Barrett’s writing leaves me breathless.” —Rosie Danan, author of The Roommate "Sexy, smart, and fiercely feminist." —Helen Hoang,...

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The Best of Us

In Sullivan’s Crossing, #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr has created a place where good people, powerful emotions, great humor and a healthy dose of common sense are the key ingredients to a happy life. Sullivan’s Crossing brings out the...

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How to Find Love in a Bookshop

“Absolutely delightful.” —People The enchanting story of a bookshop, its grieving owner, a supportive literary community, and the extraordinary power of books to heal the heart  Nightingale Books, nestled on the main street in an idyllic...

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Four of a Kind

Besides the fact that their kids all attend the same fashionable Brooklyn Heights private school, Bess, Robin, Carla, and Alicia have little in common. Thrown together on the tony school’s Diversity Committee, the women impulsively turn their awkward first...

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Dancing by the Moonlight

Set Sail along Carlisle BayOlivia Shields is back in Carlisle Bay, Connecticut, after having traveled the world as a professional ballet dancer. Dancing was her life. Chasing performance dreams is all she's ever known or planned for. One summer she spent in Carlisle...

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Heart of the Matter

"Giffin excels at creating complex characters and stories that ask us to explore what we really want from our lives."--Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tessa Russo is the mother of two young children and the wife of a renowned pediatric surgeon. Despite her own...

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Heart of the Matter

"Giffin excels at creating complex characters and stories that ask us to explore what we really want from our lives."--Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tessa Russo is the mother of two young children and the wife of a renowned pediatric surgeon. Despite her own mother's...

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Naked Truths

If you like Jilly Cooper, you will love this naughty, funny and deliciously addictive read from much loved author, Jo Carnegie. 'Sexy, sassy and scandalous...Hilarious stuff!' -- Glamour 'Packed with cheeky characters, dark secrets and delectable...

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Ladies of the House


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Fanny Bower Puts Herself Out There

Fanny Bower is not a joiner. She leads a quiet existence - keeping to the sidelines, avoiding high jinks, living in her head and waiting for something momentous to happen. A few weeks into a new job, at the urging of her socially savvy colleague, she decides to begin...

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The Marriage Lie

Fourteen years ago Stella did something she has regretted ever since. But she did it for her daughter. Now, that mistake could mean she loses her precious girl forever… Stella follows her handsome husband Rob to the beautifully laid-out table in the restaurant...

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Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

“Kinsella’s Bloomwood is plucky and funny. . . . You won’t have to shop around to find a more winning protagonist.”—People With her shopping excesses (somewhat) in check and her career as a TV financial guru thriving, Becky...

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How to Make a Life

“An engaging and heartfelt portrayal of intergenerational trauma and hope.” —Kirkus Reviews When Ida and her daughter Bessie flee a catastrophic pogrom in Ukraine for America in 1905, they believe their emigration will ensure that their children...

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Becoming Olive W.

She’s beautiful and brilliant. But the world is not ready for her to shine… Western Pennsylvania, 1905. Olive Westchester dreams of being valued. Misunderstood, resented, and ignored by her large family after her mother's death, her only ally is an older brother who...

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The Late Bloomers’ Club

“A downright delightful read. . . [with] everything you want from a small town summer read: sweetness, charm, and a side of romance.” –HelloGiggles A delightful novel about two headstrong sisters, a small town's efforts to do right by...

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No Love Like Nantucket

She built the Sweet Island Inn. But can Toni Benson build a life of happiness for herself? Toni Benson’s life has been a roller coaster. Years ago, the heartbreak caused by a cheating ex-husband left her in tatters. Then she discovered the run-down fixer-upper...

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Summer on a Sunny Island

The #1 bestseller is back with an uplifting, happy read that will raise your spirits and warm your heart!This summer, sparks are flying on the island of Malta…When Rosa Hammond splits up from her partner Marcus, her Mum Dory suggests a summer in Malta. Not one...

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Almost Missed You

"Almost Missed You is a skillful, insightful debut: a deft exploration of the mysteries of marriage, the price we pay for our secrets, and just how easy it is to make the worst choices imaginable." —Chris Bohjalian, New York Times bestselling author...

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Home Fires

Anne Davis has returned to the house where she grew up, trading her glamorous Manhattan lifestyle for a harsh winter on a wind-whipped New England island. Her marriage has crumbled in the wake of a tragic accident. Now she has returned to the home on Salt Whistle Raod...

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I Pick You

After years of working toward other people's dreams, Maggie has no idea what she wants. Magnolia Parker loves botany, but does she want to be a professor forever? When she's passed up for tenure, Maggie decides it's time to make a change. Escaping the city, she finds...

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The Partner Track

Ingrid Yung's life is full of firsts. A first-generation Chinese American, the first lawyer in her family, she's about to collect the holy grail of "firsts" and become the first minority woman to make partner at the venerable old Wall Street law...

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Range of Motion

In this exquisite, emotionally rich novel, New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Berg offers a deeply satisfying story about the bonds of love and the balm of friendship. A young man named Jay lies in a coma after suffering a freak accident, and his wife,...

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Summer at Sea

** A 2017 Readers' Favorite Book Award Winner** Four jackets of varying weights, enough socks for the entire Confederate Army, three umbrellas, most of the antacid aisle from the local pharmacy, and six pairs of old people sneakers that all look exactly the same. Have...

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The Heart Has Its Reasons

Declared “a writer to watch” (Publishers Weekly, starred review), New York Times bestselling author María Dueñas pours heart and soul into this story of a woman who discovers the power of second chances. A talented college professor in Madrid,...

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Fairy Tale Karma

"Loved Fairy Tale Karma! ...I read this book in one day... couldn't put it down." Tavia Ava married her Prince Charming and they lived happily-ever-after. Or did they? Princess Ava is interviewed by a skeptical journalist digging for the truth behind the...

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The Single Dad’s Handbook

‘ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!!!! …up there for me with PS I Love You’ Reader reviewWelcome to The Single Dad’s Handbook, your comprehensive guide to life without me when I pop my clogs!It’s been two years since cancer stole Evan...

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'Riveting, moving and utterly feel-good' Daily Mail When life takes you far away, Cornwall brings you home. At the end of the row of fishermen’s cottages by the harbour’s edge, stands an old granite house. First it belonged to Ned’s...

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How Could She

Named a Best Book of 2019 by Esquire and a Best Book of 2019 (So Far) by Real Simple and Glamour "Bitingly funny and often painfully realistic." --Entertainment Weekly "Brilliant. . . . Devastating, reliably hilarious." --Nylon "[A]...

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When in Doubt, Add Butter

From the New York Times bestselling author of Shoe Addicts Anonymous and Always Something There to Remind Me comes a delicious new novel about the search for true love and all the ingredients that go into it. As far as Gemma is concerned, her days of dating are over....

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