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Learn about your potential as a woman with ADHD. Find your strength and communicate it to the world.

You feel alone and misunderstood, but I assure you this is not the case. Many women with ADHD think they have to struggle with this disorder, but this guide will teach you how to live with it by proving to yourself, first and foremost, that you are a woman with so many qualities.

All your life, you have felt different and have been made to feel so: you have never been able to keep your attention span high, you have always been hyperactive, and you have always related to others in ways other people do not.This wall that you have always sensed and never understood why it existed has made you feel wrong and mistaken. You've gone years without knowing what was wrong with you: you keep forgetting things, never finish the task you start, and you're impulsive, disorganized, anxious, with low self-esteem and a low mood. Then, one day, you are diagnosed with ADHD, the missing piece of your puzzle, the moment when your past life starts to make sense, but your loneliness and sense of helplessness are stronger than ever.

I'm here to tell you that it's not late and that, even if you have ADHD, you can overcome your social and personal barriers.

This is a practical guide for women who want to get organized, overcome distractions, enhance relationships, and manage their emotions. In this guide, you will learn:?? More about ADHD, how it comes up, its causes and symptoms in adults, and how to recognize a child with ADHD;?? How to manage working relationships;?? How to organize your time and money;?? To improve the romantic relationship with your partner;?? How to manage relationships with others who may not understand ADHD;?? Techniques to manage emotions and sensitivity to rejection;??Practical tips for maintaining a healthy mind through nutrition, sports, and meditation....And so much more.

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