Author: E.E. Borton

Category: Science Fiction

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Laws of man don’t exist anymore. The law of nature is the only rule. There is no punishment for those who prey on the weak and unprepared. There are no consequences for taking a life.Out there on the road what people carry on their backs or in their pockets is more valuable than their lives. It’s easier to steal from the dead. It’s just the way things are now.When I escaped Atlanta after the power died, I thought the only way I would survive was to be on my own. I was wrong. I did survive long enough to find them – to find her. They gave me a reason to keep fighting. They gave me a place to call home. When you have something worth taking, others will come for it. They always come for it.We have to leave our town in order to save it. We have to leave the ones we love in order to protect them. We will be the punishment. We are the consequences.