Author: C.L. Zelle, LC Ellez

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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When a government-mandated vaccine to eradicate crime goes awry, twenty-year-old Grace must navigate a sea of monsters, both living and undead, while making sense of her own deeply troubled existence. As she grapples with newfound truths, the frothing mouths of the brutal new world push her to her breaking point.Good thing for Grace,

you can’t break someone who’s already broken

.But the End has changed Grace for the better. She’s growing stronger every day, and


. There are people who need her, and she’s lost too much to let them slip away, too. In The End, what matters most is finding each other, and living to love another day.

* * * * * *

Update, regarding the release of the author's latest novel, "Angels in the End."

DEAR READER,"Angels in the End," though written for adults, and in a separate series altogether, is also an *unofficial* Treemakers Trilogy prequel. Unofficial, because the author has plans for a future YA prequel more closely related to that series, but readers 18+ who have enjoyed The Treemakers Trilogy will find the value in "Angels in the End," (and the rest of the series) as certain events contained herein are directly linked to The Treemakers Trilogy.Please read below.**Content Advisory/Trigger Warning for The End Saga: Due to the inclusion of realistic world-ending scenarios, such as death/gore/torture/violence/steamy scenes/sexual violence/drug/alcohol use/abuse, and because of explicit language, this series is recommended for readers age 18+, and those who aren't sensitive to these topics.Reader discretion is advised.**It is recommended that this book/series be read after having read The Treemakers Trilogy, as "Angels in the End" may contain some spoilers for that story.**Please note: the content in this 4th installment of The End Saga is considerably "cleaner" than the first three books in the series, due to it being from the POV of (mostly) different characters, as well as for its connection to the author's YA series, The Treemakers Trilogy.Recommended reading order of the books in these two series':The Treemakers TrilogyThe TreemakersThe SoultakersThe Seeker's KeysThe End SagaWillows in the EndRavens in the EndBeacons in the EndAngels in the EndCheck out The Treemakers Trilogy here: (3 separate ebooks) (ebook boxset) (paperback omnibus)**Please note this author's books prance proudly across the rainbow because #lovewins