Wild and West by Shanna Handel

Author: Shanna Handel

Category: New Adult Romance

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Haven't seen her in months but now here she is, still gorgeous and ... Pregnant?
She was my girl on a reality TV show, Cowgirls Wild and West.
Naughty and sassy, doing whatever she could to get a rise out of me for the cameras.
I had to take her over my knee and spank her. Believe it or not, it was part of my job.
Can't say I didn't enjoy it.
I can still remember the feel of her soft curves under my palm.
And there was that week, before we started filming, when we had the place to ourselves.
God... the things we did on that ranch.
Can't believe we didn't burn the place down with the heat between us.
That was months ago.
Haven't seen her since.
Now she's here, standing in the doorway to my office...
A manicured hand making circles over her adorable belly, she's just as gorgeous as I remember her.
I can't help the tug I feel in my chest when I lay eyes on her—I'm drawn to her.
But I've got goals. I've got dreams. And they're finally coming true.
I worked my fingers to the bone on my family's ranch while my father drank.
I've done the Magic Mike gig - you should see what tipsy bachelorettes tip.
Now I've finally made it to a New York office with a view of the East River where I'm making plans.
There isn't a beautiful woman, and certainly not a brand-new baby, in those plans.
Is she here to tell me this baby's... mine?