Author: J.A. Armstrong

Category: LGBT

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Real estate guru, Gina Thompson is no stranger to loss. Six years after the loss of her wife, Gina has adjusted to life on her own. She enjoys the company of her best friends, Drew and Sam, and weekend visits from her lively daughter, Chesley. At forty-six, she’s ready to try something new. Gina is on a mission to turn her hobby into a career. It’s the most significant risk she’s ever taken—until she meets Grace Evans.A self-proclaimed free-spirit, Grace has sought adventure over commitment. Traversing the globe, experiencing all that life offers, and never staying in one place for too long defines Grace’s life. When Grace invites Gina to visit her studio, a friendship develops that will challenge both women to face their demons and their desires.Whiskey and Chocolate is the fourth erotic romance in JA Armstrong’s Journey of Exploration Series.