Author: Richard Mowrey

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A Proven Method to Maximize Value When You Sell Your Business
“Create Future Success on Your Time Table…without Regrets!”

In his book, When Is The Right Time To Sell My Business?, Richard Mowrey shows you how to successfully sell your business at the highest price with less stress! He tackles handling a decision point that all business owners inevitably reach. To really ensure an informed decision can be made, he delves deeper into this question to guide you through a very actionable series of steps.

Mowrey focuses on the basics of business valuation and readiness assessment – both qualitative and quantitative – in order to help the owner prepare to sell their business. From there the focus shifts to value enhancement and strategic planning because as he explains, “Price is what you receive, value is what you deliver.” Together, this early preparation and the ultimate execution of a transfer plan will require both focus and a measure of personal energy … all of which will pay big dividends.

For any business owner, the thought of someday selling their business can be overwhelming and confusing – generally raising more questions than they are prepared to answer. But thanks to his expertise and ability to guide readers through a carefully thought out, systematic approach, Rich Mowrey is able to reduce the uncertainty and provide a path that will lead to a confident and ideally much more profitable sale.

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