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When an Angel Intervenes, is based on a true story. On Friday January 24th, 1986 at approximately 4:45 PM, within an hour of stepping off a school bus I was dying from a self-inflicted gun-shot wound in a lonely, secluded forest. I was 16 years old that night, and I had turned to suicide to escape a decade of child abuse, neglect, and abandonment.Before pulling the trigger to rifle aimed at my heart I made a final prayer. I asked God, to send an Angel to save me. Unsure if God had heard me or not, I pulled the trigger.When the rifle went off, I knew I had made a mistake and I wanted my life back. I learned life was a gift and I would take a thousand reasons why I had just pulled that trigger if I could have my life back. What would happen next, was a 2 hour long savage battle to survive suicide, and a miracle from heaven.I attempted to convey lessons learned that night in this historical fiction. Inspired by the events of that night I sought to express, life is a gift, and it's the little things, that make it so.For more information please visit: