Author: Lance Dickson

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Are you fighting for your children's custody? What do you do when they are taken away? Learn what to do and avoid many of the common mistakes father's make.When a Father Cries! shares life lessons that men can embrace in the midst of custody battles and court proceedings. It was written to help fathers learn life lessons on how to effectively handle negative situations and the emotional battles involving their children.In When a Father Cries! the author shares the mistakes he made with the hope that other fathers can avoid making some of the same mistakes. The hope is that readers can experience the hurt and pain fathers feel when trying to be involved in the lives of his children and believe that no one is there to support them.In these pages you will learn:What is the real purpose of the court system?How do you respond to unjust or unfair treatment?What is stepping outside of yourself when dealing with problems?What is the difference between forgiveness and trust?When a Father Cries! was originally published in 2015, fifteen years after the initial writing. This 20th Anniversary Editions shares the same message with some additional insights designed to help men overcome the challenges associated with fatherhood.This book is an invaluable asset and tool for fathers who are in a custody battle or have had their children taken away.Order your copy today and avoid making some of the common mistakes father's make while fighting for their children.