Author: John Stange

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"A thoughtful, hopeful, informative and encouraging glimpse of Heaven..."The subject of Heaven and the concept of living in a perfect place that is absent of trials, sorrow, pain and death is fascinating to most people. Our lives on earth are filled with many difficulties. Every day, we're subjected to the effects of a fallen world. We deal with uncomfortable and dangerous weather. We suffer from pain and disease. We experience sorrow and disappointment. We experience different forms of persecution and we're faced with the realities of crime, death and war. For as many things as we enjoy on this earth, there are many others that we would be happy to do without.Before man sinned against God, this earth was a perfect place. People lived in harmony with each other. The climate was perfect. There wasn't such thing as disease. Animals and humans weren't afraid of each other. There was no death, sorrow, pain, crime or war. Life on this earth was perfect. It was just as God intended it to be. Mankind lived in perfect fellowship with God and with each other in a perfect environment. Our labor was joyful and our relationships were fruitful. That was God's desire for us, but that all changed when sin became part of the human experience. Since that time, creation has been under a curse. It has been marred by sin and the effects of sin are experienced by mankind every day.Thankfully, God still desires to offer humanity the opportunity to live in a perfect place where perfect fellowship with Him can be experienced every single day, forever. We tend to refer to that place as Heaven and I believe that the Lord has told us about Heaven as an intentional incentive and encouragement during our difficult years here on this earth.The concept of Heaven puzzles many people, including Christians. From time to time, I have heard people speculate about all sorts of things related to Heaven. We wonder what it's like. We wonder if we'll enjoy it. We wonder if we'll get bored there.I think many people picture Heaven as a place up the clouds where we'll sit around in white togas all day, playing harps. If that was what Heaven was like, I imagine that would be rather boring, but thankfully, that's not what Scripture teaches. From what we read in Scripture, Heaven is a delightful place and our hearts are encouraged to look forward to living there.But have you ever wondered...* Where is Heaven?*Why is God going to make a new Heaven and Earth?*What will we do in Heaven?*Will we see and recognize our friends and family members in Heaven?*Can people in Heaven see those who are still down on earth?*Will there be marriage in Heaven?*What age will we be in Heaven?*Will there be pets in Heaven?*Will there be mansions and streets of gold in Heaven?*How can I be certain that I'm going to Heaven?In this concise book, I will attempt to answer these questions and help you develop a broader and deeper understanding of what Scripture tells us about Heaven. As you read these pages, I hope your heart is encouraged and your lips are frequently prompted to praise Jesus who has made Heaven possible for all who trust in Him.--John Stange has been serving in pastoral ministry for nearly 20 years. He is the Lead Pastor of Core Creek Community Church in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. In addition to his pastoral work, John is also the director of Genesis Christian Counseling and an adjunct professor in the Graduate Counseling department of Cairn University. John specializes in writing concise books and devotionals that are "long enough to provoke thought, but short enough that you'll actually finish them." Please visit his author page on Amazon for more of his recent titles and new releases.

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