Author: Carrie Pulkinen

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Deal starts: June 30, 2020

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In the shadows of New Orleans……demons are on the hunt.Can Macey, with her special gift, solve the case?She’s tried to put the past out of her mind, but the scars remain. Macey may be emotionally damaged, but her brilliant mind, and gift of sense, make her a top detective. This case, though, has one problem……someone is stealing the evidence.Luke’s strength is undeniable, and his decisive nature makes him the perfect alpha for his pack. His town is in upheaval because of the murders, and he wants nothing more than to stop the demons. Finding his mate is the last thing on his mind.But if he waits too long, will he lose his pack?When they meet, the sparks fly.Is her secret going to drive Luke away?You’ll love this fate mate novel, because it’s steamy romance with all the witty banter you love. It will keep you turning the pages.Get it now.

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