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New Location, New Business, New Problems...

When Cressi Harris got dumped by her husband Huxley for a woman half her age, she changed everything.

She left New York City for Seascape Cove, a tiny village almost a hundred miles north of San Francisco.

She stopped ghost writing Huxley’s very successful mystery series and started expressing her creativity in the kitchen of her new restaurant, The Dockside Cafe.

Cressi made the transition painlessly. So did Jacko, her lively black spaniel. Both of them preferred fresh ocean breezes to the traffic fumes of New York City. She never even thought of New York, except when Huxley phoned, which he did too often because he wasn’t a very good writer without Cressi’s help.

Cressi was smart and good at what she did. The Dockside Cafe flourished, even in the winter, and so did her growing friendship with good looking Police Chief, Trent Marlow and crusty retired banker Kevin Rodgers.

Life was pretty darned good...

...Until her troubles started.

Somebody had it in for Cressi, but who? She hadn’t been in town long enough to upset anybody, had she?

Apparently she had... because somebody really had it in for her.

Trent Marlow wasn’t about to let anybody get away with destroying the new life and business Cressi was building. He was determined to discover who was trying to destroy her business, and why.

Welcome to Seascape Cove is Book One of The Seascape Cove Cozy Mystery Series. If you like strong women who take charge of their lives and handle whatever life throws at them, you’ll love Cressi Harris and the friends and family who support her.

Download the book now and welcome Cressi to your Library. I know you’ll like her.

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