Author: Joann Keder

Category: Cozy Mysteries

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She has no idea what she's about to set in motion...Lanie Anders has the perfectly-ordered life. From her half-foam latte to her marketing executive job to the creative writing course she takes for fun - she controls every outcome. The night her house burns to the ground, she's forced to re-evalute her life.Despite her crumbling world, Lanie is determined to finish her final creative writing assignment: write a fictional story about the history of Piney Falls, Oregon. Finding nothing online, she decides to visit the oceanside hamlet herself. A small town mysteryShe arrives to find a different world. Her neighbor speaks in riddles and the impossibly handsome bakery owner is hiding something. Nothing makes sense in this beautiful oceanside hamlet.As she investigates the history of the town, she uncovers another disturbing puzzle in current day Piney Falls - people are dying at an alarming rate. With each clue she unearths in both mysteries, she becomes more convinced the townspeople are in imminent danger. Will Lanie be able to solve both mysteries without putting her own life in jeopardy?Winner of the Literary Titan Silver AwardDon't miss book one of this exciting mystery series!