Author: M.L. Bullock

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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“Why does the ghost have his head in the oven?” I groaned at the sight of Joey’s bony ass sticking out of the appliance. He hadn’t even opened the door.

Grab all 3 books of the Welcome to Dead House series in this boxed set to join the adventures of Tamara Garvey, Chloe and Joey, an angsty ghost with a sense of humor!

Ex-burlesque dancer and aspiring author Tamara Garvey just had her world turned upside down.

Her best friend died and leaves her as guardian to a teenager. Now, not only is Tamara struggling with her new role but she is also charged with caring for the family home: the Ridaught Plantation.

To her surprise, the place is already occupied by an angsty ghost who has a penchant for wearing her clothes and a fascination for paranormal movies and television shows. Tamara and Joey develop an unexpected friendship but questions remain about how and when he got there.

Attempting to fit in, Tamara turns on the charm and hosts a community wide Halloween party, right at the historic home.

Everything turns out great until the dead begin to show up too.

Can Tamara solve the secret of the Ridaught Plantation before it’s too late?

Or will they also become ghostly residents of the Dead House?