Author: Donna Doyle

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An elderly woman sleuth. The wedding of Calmhaven’s most beloved daughter. A sinister slice of cake criminality. This sounds like a perfect case for Molly Gertrude Grey!Who in Calmhaven does not know Molly Gertrude Grey, the gentle ageing owner of the Cozy Bridal Agency? But Molly and her enthusiastic assistant, Dora Brightside, have more talents than just matchmaking. They are amateur sleuths with a nose for trouble! When poor Abe Mortimer, the town Mayor, keels over during the wedding reception of his dear daughter, Miss Molly is certain it’s no accident. Her intuition tells her that something disturbing is afoot. Seedy characters arriving on the scene, old ghosts from a shady past, and a grasping son-in-law with ulterior motives, lead Molly into the crosshairs of Calmhaven’s most frightening conspiracy. The clues pile up, but the culprit remains at large!Will Molly and her assistant Dora be able to solve the case before Abe Mortimer ends up in the mortuary? Will Calmhaven’s secrets remain unspoken and revengeful grudges slip back into the shadows?Wedding Cake Wipeout is a Christian Culinary Cozy Mystery that will keep you guessing until the very last page.If you like light, clean, Cozy Mysteries with a cat-loving sleuth, quirky characters, and unexpected surprises you will love Wedding Cake Wipeout, the first Molly Grey Mystery to hit the shelves.Buy Wedding Cake Wipeout and dive into a culinary conundrum with Molly and Dora today!No cliffhanger, swearing, gore or graphic scenes, just good, clean cozy fun...

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