Author: Lacy Williams

Category: Christian Fiction

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Embark on a heart-stirring journey along the Oregon Trail with the Spencer siblings as they seek out new lives, face rivalries that challenge and unite them, and forge legacies of love that echo through the generations in this captivating family saga.**Over 3,500 reviews on the 3 books in this collection!**Read the first THREE full-length novels in the Wagon Train Matches series that weaves together the lives of rugged pioneers and the resilient women who capture their hearts. Together, these tales of faith, hope, and love against the sweeping backdrop of the Oregon Trail invite you into a world where each sunset promises new beginnings and the bonds of family are as enduring as the rugged land they travel. 1. A Trail So Lonesome: Spending five months eating trail dust wasn’t Leo Spencer’s first choice. But when he finds himself on a westbound wagon train and matching wits with Evangeline, the two unlikely friends form an alliance. But Evangeline harbors a secret…2. Trail of Secrets: Stella Fairfax joins the wagon train disguised as a man to keep herself and her sisters safe from the men who want them dead. Collin Mason is the only one who sees the real Stella—and that she needs help…3. A Trail Untamed: August took a marriage wager to gain breathing room from his overbearing older brother. Felicity longs for love and family. Can a mousy, shy spinster like her win the heart of a man like August?