Vampire Librarian by Kristin Kova

Author: Kristin Kova

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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Save London from an impending vampire apocalypse? Sorry, my week is all booked.
That’s a book pun—I’m a librarian. Specifically, the arcane archivist at the Witching Library in the heart of London.
Humans don’t know about the secret magical world of witches, shifters, and seers like me. So when vampires steal a dark codex from the library, no police come to save me when I’m caught in the crossfire. I’m left in a pool of blood, with a searing scratch on my arm.
When I transition and lose control of my new thirst, a dangerously powerful—and hot as hell—vampire pulls me back from the edge. Lazarus has a proposition for me: if I help him track down my sire before he can expose the supernatural world, he'll teach me to control my hunger.
If we fail, the council’s terrifying Shadowhounds will execute my monstrous sire and all his progeny. Including me.
I miss my library already.
Fans of urban fantasy with slow burn romance will love Karina Dobrev, our reluctant, introverted heroine; Lazarus Kaine, our deadly, irresistible hero; and Keith, a magical cat with impeccably high standards.
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