Author: Zoe Parker

Category: Fantasy

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A feather for my nest...So, I’m bad with money. I’m just as bad at keeping jobs.My financial situation is starting to make the stripper pole look like a place I need to be, but I refuse to put on the baby oil just yet. I’m getting too old for that dream. Forty is too close for comfort, and no one will pay to see my hot mess slathered on a metal pole. Luck, however, is not on my side. I bomb the job interview and watch my life flash before my eyes as my precious car gets turned into scrap metal. I’m starting to think my life is over…Until I spot the crow’s feather. A longed-for prize to add to my collection. But an errant wind snags it and leads me to a creepy building that, until now, I never noticed. And as fate would have it, there’s a now hiring sign on the front gate. This is a slow-burn Urban fantasy with a dash of romance