Author: Cheryl Robinson

Category: African-American Interest

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She’s trying to find love.He’s trying to find himself.Sarita Deering has all the right letters after her name—MBA, CPA—to be a rising, upper-level business executive, but she hasn’t been successful in gaining the attention of men. Her well-to-do background has provided much for her, and her parents expect her to marry a doctor. But Sarita isn’t convinced that Dr. Graham Emerson, someone she’s known her entire life, is the one for her. A blind date with the accomplished Sarita Deering could turn Ray Saint’s world around. He’s frustrated that he’s still stuck in a dead-end job, stuck living with his distant and disturbed mother. Picking up women in Detroit’s club scene—or anywhere, really—is finally getting old for Ray. Sarita likes Ray’s charm, sense of humor, and good looks. But his womanizing reputation precedes him. Has Ray really changed and now is the man who could put her loneliness to an end? UNTIL RAY, the first book in a series, explores Ray and Sarita’s life and love during the 1980s through the lenses of family dysfunction and judgments about class and skin color.