Author: Kathryn Wells

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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For his whole life, Thordric has been told that his magic is dangerous, and that he must never use it.All over Dinia, half-wizards are treated the same, their magic labelled as dangerous and uncontrollable. But when High Wizard Kalljard dies under mysterious circumstances, it falls to young Thordric to solve the case.The only trouble? The deed was done by magic, and though Thordric is a half-wizard, he has never fully used his powers. To prove himself right and find the person responsible, Thordric has to learn how to control his own powers.But can he learn fast enough, and find the perpetrator in time?Praise from readers:????? - "Refreshing and original... Thordric is a likable, compelling protagonist. A charming, delightful read."????? - "Fun and light-hearted, yet still unique. The characters are full of life and well-rounded. Truly enjoyed it."????? - "A murder mystery, a missing son, and a young wizard just finding his powers - all the makings of a grand adventure."