Author: Jason Browne

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Unlock the ultimate secret of human life--the knowledge to change the world lies within you…
Have you ever wondered what makes us, humans, such complex creatures, and why of all living things, we're the only ones who are self-aware?

Have you wanted to explore the hidden secrets of your mind, striving to understand the endless potential your brain has to offer?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to unlock the full power of your brain and achieve a better understanding and a sense of unity with yourself and everything around you?

The answer to your questions lies in one fascinating concept--human consciousness.

Ever since humans acquired the ability to think and understand, we have been looking for answers to the meaning of our existence--we knew that we could make sense of what's around us, but we never managed to fully grasp how and why that was possible.

Despite great progress in that direction in recent studies of neuroscience where researchers were able to associate various higher mental functions to different parts of the brain, the question of whether consciousness is actually in the brain, or if it's an experience outside our body, remains as elusive as ever.

The quest to understand consciousness has, and always will, remain one of the biggest mysteries of our existence.

Some have contended with accepting the limitations of the brain to fully comprehend it, while others have turned to spirituality to find meaning in the vastness of human experience.

Wherever you may be on that scale, armed with an inner sense of insatiable curiosity and a true desire to fully grasp everything that humanity knows about its own consciousness, you'll get all the knowledge you need to better understand yourself, as well as the reality that surrounds you.