Author: Joy Ohagwu

Category: Romantic Suspense

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ACCLAIMED CHRISTIAN ROMANTIC SUSPENSE SERIES  You just found your next gripping Christian Fiction read full of unexpected twists. How would you feel if your only daughter was just...there, a disaster happens, and then she was gone?--------Widowed and now single, Stella Heart juggled between managing her professional career and struggling to communicate with her teenage daughter, Sharon. Their common ground crumbled beneath their different beliefs about God. While Stella believed in God, her daughter didn't. Sharon instead held strongly to what they taught her in school—until the day a disaster struck and the ground physically gave way—altering both their perspectives about each other, and more than one person's resistance to God.Stella's concerns multiplied when she gets lost in search of Sharon. In the ensuing chaos, she runs into Michael, a Christian man with a mysterious past whom danger seemed to follow—and she wondered how many more unseen twists God trusted her her fragile heart to handle.Can she trust Michael beyond what he appears to be hiding from her, or will her own fears cloud her judgement when extreme danger surfaces?-----------The Pleasant Hearts Christian Suspense Series unwraps the journeys of four orphaned Christian sisters, all in their thirties, and told they'll never marry. To them, marriage did appear too distant as each struggled to build a career while single, and communication between the sisters was less than stellar. But when God stepped in, He showed that He could turn their struggles into triumphs—if they let Him.The ELLIOT-KINGS Christian Suspense series is a spin-off and continuation of the gripping suspense, hence the combination of the Pleasant Hearts & Elliot-Kings Christian Suspense series into one.UNCOMMON GROUND,  book One of The Pleasant Hearts & Elliot-Kings Christian Suspense series, begins this exciting journey, focused on Stella, the eldest of the Hearts sisters. Grab all the books in both series for your maximum benefit.

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