Author: Laurie Wetzel

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Until recently, Maddy Page’s life was pretty routine—morning runs, attending school, and avoiding the spotlight the rest of her family thrives in. But even with all the effort she puts into being unremarkable, someone’s noticed. And who wouldn’t want to be noticed by MJ? He’s handsome, funny, and makes her feel safe—a feeling she’s never experienced outside her dreams.MJ is supposed to be on a mundane assignment—save a mortal from a demon on a killing spree. But before he can make contact with his charge, Maddy happens. While every mortal is supposed to have a file as well as a Guardian Angel, she doesn’t. She’s immune to his compulsions and has abilities mortals shouldn’t have. Worse yet, she isn’t aware she has them. MJ knows he should focus on his job, but the mysteries surrounding Maddy are frighteningly addictive.And she’s in more danger than either of them realizes. With no Guardian and no file, if she dies, neither Heaven nor Hell can claim her soul.