Author: Jacqueline Mosley

Category: African-American Interest

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Leila Jameson finds herself in the dating scene again after ending a five-year relationship with her ex-fiancé, Daniel. Leila's sister Asia convinces her to make a Tinder account, hoping this will help get over her cheating fiancé. She goes on dates with the guys off the app but finds herself disappointed in all the men. Just as she was about to give up on this Tinder thing, Leila finds a guy name Jayson Morris on there that she's attracted to off top. They end up clicking, until he disappears out of nowhere, with no explanation.    Heartbroken again, Leila has had it up to here with men. She decides to focus more on her career than a relationship. That all changes on her 30th birthday when her sister Asia takes her to a club. Leila finds Jayson staring at her on the dance floor. She immediately walks over, approaching him. She questions Jayson, asking why he disappeared on her? He acts as if he doesn't remember a thing she's talking about. So, Leila, storms off, swearing she will never talk to him again.    After the club, both parties are involved in a tragic wreck that connects Leila and Jayson back together. They end up falling madly in love with each other. Jayson gives Leila everything that she could possibly dream of. Yet, something isn't quite right about this charming, successful, extremely attractive man. He has a side to him that Leila never would have expected. After finding out Jayson's dark secret, things take a twisted turn for the worst. Is Leila prepared to handle what this mysterious man has up his sleeves?