Author: D.W. Ulsterman

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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The thrilling sequel to the best selling post-apocalyptic military epic, DOMINATUS"A BRILLIANT AND THOUGHT PROVOKING POST APOCALYPTIC NOVEL!" -Patriotic GrannyTwo years after surviving the brutal attack on the remote Alaskan outpost of DOMINATUS, Mac, Reese, Dublin and others embark on a dangerous journey in search of a mysterious priest said to have a weapon that might help secure their freedom from the bloody tyranny of the New United Nations.It is an action-packed survival fiction novel of ever increasing danger, impossible odds, and intrepid old soldier Mac Walker’s battle tested determination to see one last mission to its final conclusion.TUMULTUS is considered by many to be among bestselling author D.W. Ulsterman’s most powerful novels to date and a terrifying look into America's potential future.Readers praising the post apocalyptic survival fiction novel, TUMULTUS:"One of the most interesting post apocalyptic survival stories now available...""There's a lot of post apocalyptic horror novels our there that leave the reader wanting more. Tumultus is not one of those. This is a great story...""If you're a fan of post apocalyptic novels, you absolutely have to check out D.W. Ulsterman's Tumultus...""As a SHTF prepper fiction fan, I wasn't sure how I would feel about this one given its Christian themed designation, Not to worry, it's a flat out epic survival thriller with genetic sci-fi elements and a whole lot of soul. Loved-loved-loved this post apocalyptic survival story...""Given the slew of new arrivals it seems post apocalyptic survival fiction novels come and go but I'm pretty sure Tumultus will stick with more for quite a while..."??? AN AMAZON POST APOCALYPTIC SURVIVAL FICTION BESTSELLER!"Wow and double wow. A story that spans a continent and brings in plenty of action, horror, spirituality, and one of the most satisfying character arcs in quite some time. Mac Walker is without a doubt my favorite aspect of this and all the other Mac Walker post apocalyptic novels. DW Ulsterman proves himself a brilliant author with this one...""If you read just one survival fiction novel this year, you got to make it Tumultus!""After reading the post apocalyptic survival fiction story Tumultus twice now I am left wondering how long it will be before D.W. Ulsterman ranks among the very best of the genre. Actually he already does IMO...""This has to be on everyone's survival fiction bestsellers list. If not it should be!"SCROLL UP AND BUY OR BORROW YOUR COPY OF THIS SURVIVAL FICTION BESTSELLER TODAY!