Author: Kylie Hillman

Category: Erotic Romance

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Released to celebrate the SECOND ANNIVERSARY of the International Bestselling Black Shamrocks MC series, Truth & Treachery is a limited-edition boxed set containing the first three books and two novellas in the series.Family comes first, doesn't it?On the surface, the Black Shamrocks MC is exactly what an outlaw motorcycle club should be. Unapologetically brutal. Unquestionably ruthless. Unwaveringly loyal. The brotherhood appears rock solid; allied and impenetrable. Their various blood ties only serve as a reminder of the generations of kinship and family that came before them.Dig a little deeper and the illusion begins to shatter. Beneath a well-cultivated facade of unity, old tensions simmer and new alliances are created. Game plans are being put into action. Illegitimate legacies are being secured. Deals with the devil are being made.From birth, they’ve been taught that family is everything. What will happen when they discover that their family is behind the plot to bring about their downfall?Included in this volume:Soothing Suffering (Black Shamrocks MC | Novella)Seizing Control (Black Shamrocks MC | Book One)Making Choices (Black Shamrocks MC | Book Two)Seeking Redemption (Black Shamrocks MC | Book Three).Conquering Circumstances (Black Shamrocks MC | Novella)

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