Trusting the Badge by Dorothy F. Shaw

Author: Dorothy F. Shaw

Category: Romantic Suspense

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(Disclosure: These books are not romantic suspense or police work, they are contemporary romance.) 
For members of a police K9 Unit, partnership is everything--in work and in love.
Shuttled between her alcoholic parents and foster homes that separated her from beloved younger brother, Steven, it's no wonder Tish Beck is a woman with trust issues. To avoid getting hurt--or hurting someone else--she's kept her romantic life commitment-free, and that's fine by her. Until she meets exasperatingly hot, funny, smart-ass K9 officer Jeffrey Pearl, and stupidly spends the night with him . . .
Currently single and content, Jeff's always got his canine bestie, Rio, by his side, and loads of human friends. He enjoys the occasional close encounter, but hasn't been tempted into anything serious. Until Tish. He's inexplicably head over heels. Too bad she's determined to keep him at arm's length. But when Tish's brother winds up in jail--again--Jeff's glad to be the man Tish turns to for help. And with Steven back on the scene, she'll need it. Soon Tish will have to open her eyes--and her heart--to love, and realize where, and with whom, her safety truly lies . . .