Author: Courtney Alex Aldor

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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Fall in Love With Your Sensitive & Empathic Nature...In this book, intuitive channel Courtney Alex Aldor guides you on a journey to claim your sensitive gifts, to cherish the blessings that they bring. Through stories, illustrations, exercises, and reflection, she shares the tools she learned along the way that helped her see her empathic nature and sensitivity as a strength.Some of the topics covered in Trust Your Magical Self include:What is intuition, how to trust it, and how to use itAll about the “Clairs”: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustance, clairsalience and clairempathy (who knew there were so many!)MediumshipRemote viewingAstral travelChannelingDreamingReading anything from your pets to your Guides to the Akashic Records!Energy blocks (how to find them and clear them)From writing letters to your guides to doodling future timelines, you’ll learn how to connect to the unseen with ease. We’ll talk guides and ghosts, the how’s and why’s of working with your own energy (and clearing it!), increasing your skill for manifestation, and even how to see the world as your very own deck of Tarot.Discover more about your highly-tuned intuitive sensesLearn how to work with your energy for ease, joy, and greater self-trustClaim your superpowers as you learn to “work your voyance” andTune in to yourself and others with 13 energy reading techniquesWhether you need a little direction or just some inspiration, Trust Your Magical Self will give you the tools to reconnect with your unique life path — and a magical ride to go with it. This book is for anyone and everyone who's ever had the inkling that there must be something more to explore.Start your journey inward today with Trust Your Magical Self. Available in Kindle and paperback. Click the ‘Look Inside’ button to browse the contents and read the Introduction.