Author: Rev. Jennifer McSween

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Forgiveness is not what you think. Rightly understood, Forgiveness is not about denying you feel hurt, rationalizing what happened, or looking for the “good” that came from a painful experience. Forgiveness—True Forgiveness—is shifting your perception in such a way, that regardless of what happens or what you experience, the thought of judgment doesn’t come up in the first place. From this perspective, there is nothing to condemn, nothing or no one to accuse, and no guilt to be felt. In True Forgiveness: The Proven Path From Pain To Power in 5 Simple Steps, Rev. Jennifer McSween shares the simple, yet practical way to make this radical shift in your perception, based on the metaphysical teachings of A Course In Miracles.In this candid, inspiring and transformational book you will learn:•The true cause of all pain and feelings of victimization•How to become willing to forgive, without fear of being hurt again •The 3 major blocks that will keep you struggling and in pain, and how to release them•The Core 5 Step True Forgiveness ProcessTM for completely forgiving anythingGoing beyond the traditional idea of “forgiveness” as letting go of guilt, anger and resentment, or a spiritual or religious practice, “Forgiveness” as presented here, is the “key” to healing and happiness, personally, in your relationships, and in all areas of your life. This book puts that “key” in your hands.