Author: Mae Pierce

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Three jaded legion, one desperate human and a world in need.

Cami will do anything to repair the harm she has caused. Even if that means being taken to Melbak, a land where the creatures who live there, legion, detest humans. Cami holds the key to save the dwindling land that has become crippled by a mysterious, dangerous poison.The power she holds can only be released by joining a triad. But the three legion who form hers complicate everything. Tallis, who despises her on sight, determined to punish Cami until she runs.Fenar, who treats everything like a game, and Cami, his new toy.Wellyn, who seems to embrace Cami, but hides his true self like a dark secret.They think to break her, but these legion have never met a human like Cami, and she will never give in. But as her relationship with her triad deepens, she finds she must fight the attraction that grows. It soon becomes clear that she is in imminent danger if her blood truly holds the power they need.And it does.

Sometimes debts must pay with blood.