Author: Susie Kelly

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

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The author and her husband devised a simple plan – to take a tent and the dog and drive around the perimeter of France. Like many simple plans it went wrong before it started and they ended up with two dogs and a campervan named Tinkerbelle. Starting in Brittany, they motorhome along the Atlantic Coast south to the Pyrenees, then follow the Mediterranean resorts to the Alps before juddering off towards the north coast across terrifyingly high mountain causeways. But on the second day of their journey Tinkerbelle begins to self-destruct, helped by the new dog who does his best to eat her from the inside out. This is their story, as they travel from sandy beaches to snow-topped mountains exploring the diverse cultures, cuisines and countryside making up the country called France. Their journey takes them to places out of the ordinary, meeting interesting characters and witnessing ancient traditions. While the dogs rejoice in the freedom they find running on the beaches, Susie and Terry spend a lot of time holding their breath, wondering whether their clapped out old campervan called Tinkerbelle will manage to negotiate impossible mountain routes and get them home before she completely disintegrates. WHAT READERS ARE SAYING:‘There are a handful of authors who can achieve that elusive trick of making you laugh out loud. For me it's James Herriot, Bill Bryson & Susie Kelly.’ French Entree Magazine‘Wow, what a road trip. The chaos that is Tinkerbelle with two adults and two large dogs, one still a puppy who delights in eating non-edibles, makes for some very funny tales to read.’ French Village Diaries‘One of the best holiday reads this year. Travelogue with a difference...’ Az US‘Its not often that you find a book that is both entertaining and extremely informative at the same time.’ Az US‘I felt like I was right there in Tinkerbelle with them all. I could almost smell wet dog.’ Az US'Travels with Tinkerbelle is a truly wonderful travelogue full of fascinating local history and information; it has beautiful descriptive passages; and it has the precious bonus of two delightful dogs, Dobby and Tally.' Az US‘I just love reading Susie's books. Her travel books contain loads of helpful information, plenty of humor and often the odd tear. I even slowed down my usual reading pace to try and make it last longer. Download it, read it and enjoy it.’ Az US 'I loved Susie Kelly’s wry sense of humor. As for Tinkerbelle, what a special van. I was holding my breath as they negotiated the Pyrenees and Alps with barely any brakes, a broken clutch and a holey exhaust. Fabulous! A lovely book on many levels.' Az USTravels with Tinkerbelle is a personal story sprinkled with humor but also a France guidebook full of history and practical information. Dog lovers who enjoy dog humour, France lovers who enjoy travel humour, and fans of the best travel books like those of Bill Bryson, Tim Moore and Chris Stewart, will love this book.Enhanced features include links to more information about places visited on the trip and an accompanying online photo album.This book is free on Kindle Unlimited