Transfusion Saga by Stephanie Hudson

Author: Stephanie Hudson

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Transfusion Saga Box Set offers great savings and ease. Vampires, Demons, Werewolves, Shifters, Angels and a whole host of other supernatural being can be found in this epic series.
Venom Of God
Blood Of Kings
Rise Of Ashes

Book 1 -
It’s been seven years. Seven long years since that cold and cruel Vampire King, Lucius, broke her heart. Her naive little heart destroyed after one painful night she sneaked in to his Gothic nightclub, Transfusion. Seven years since he humiliated her, casting her aside and telling her just what he thought about her little obsession with him. Then he saves her life. Well, now he is back and this time he is out for blood, and all she can hope for is that it isn’t hers that’s on the menu. Because she is just your typical, ordinary, everyday girl who works and lives in London. Even if she is trying to make it on her own without the safety of her family. However, growing up knowing of the supernatural world and being human definitely has its draw backs. Especially when a certain Vampire King has her in mind for a date and his dominant and forceful ways are sending her re-ignited obsession with him into overdrive.But he does like her…doesn’t he?

Book 2 -

Foresight is a great thing.
It would have come in handy.
Like when I decided to try and steal from an angry Vampire King. Nope, probably wasn’t one of my better ideas. And now he’s decided he’s done waiting, whatever that means.
He tells me I have pushed the limits of his patience for the last seven years and now it is time to claim what is rightfully his.
Because now it turns out that I am not the only one with an unhealthy obsession. He just hides his better.
Well, he isn’t hiding anymore.
And as for me. I am now his prisoner who, unknowingly, just slammed the door to my own cell. And all because I stole from him.
Stole the heart of the notorious,
Vampire King.

Book 3 -

So, there were many things I could have done differently.
I could have gone on a cruise and forget about stealing a killer box from a Vampire King.
I could have shaved my head and become a Tibetan monk.
I could have also lost my virginity to some nice Texas cowboy who wanted to introduce me to his mother.
But instead, I went to Germany and ended up fighting Mercenaries.
I also fell in love with a Vampire King who claimed me as his.
And now I’m in the river and all because I decided not to just stay home and do my laundry.
No instead… I shot a pilot.

Book 4 -

Lego sets, Star Trek and junk food in my pajamas,
These used to be how I would spend my safe and lazy days off.
Now, what am I doing with my time…?
High-speed chases, running from Hellhounds, fighting witches, opening boxes that threaten the entire Vampire race, and stabbing bitches with my shoes.
But hey, at least I get to wear a pretty dress on my date. Now all I can hope for is that it isn’t one where people end up shooting at us again.
That would be nice.
And all this was because I fell in love with a Vampire King.
A Vampire King, who claimed me.