Author: Nancy Yeager

Category: Historical Romance

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Two brilliant scholars engaged in a battle of wits, and seduced by the lure of passion.

Mr. James Alcott has carved out his place in the world with an esteemed position at Harrow School. But when the school changes direction, he's set adrift. He can redeem himself by founding a scholarship program if he wins the annual Duke's Trust competition for seed money. A seemingly simple task. Until a mysterious competitor enters the race.

?Lady Tessa Harmsworth has fabricated the reclusive Mr. Pettibone as the champion of her women's education fund. It's the only way a woman can enter the Duke's Trust competition, let alone win it. And Tessa intends to win. Until her annoyingly clever opponent sets out to uncover her ruse.

?As Tessa and James match wits, their spirited rivalry turns into heated passion. With the coveted prize hanging in the balance, they must choose between their lifelong dreams and their reckless hearts.

?Too Clever by Half is a novella in Harrow's Finest Five series, Victorian Romances about smart women, sexy, men, steamy passions, and the occasional scandal.

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